Sunday, November 30, 2014

Review: The Tea Cosy @ The Rocks

Finally got around to The Tea Cosy. You really need to be on a look out in order to find this place, I can't remember how many times I've walked past while browsing through The Rock's markets.

This is the perfect place to spend your Saturday morning.


To start off we ordered 2 x Devonshire Tea ($12.50)  this includes 2 scones, cream, 1 drink and your choice of jam. 


 There were 4 types of scones available on the day. We got one of each, Plain, Raisin, Apple Crumble and Cheese. My partner enjoyed Apple Crumble. Personally I wouldn't recommend Apple Crumble unless you like fruit loafs and lots of spices/cinnamon in your scones!

The Raisin scone was quite sweet especially with the added Jam and Cream. My personal favourites were Cheese (A mixture of sweet and salty) and Plain (nothing like a good quality, fluffy and soft traditional scone)

There was a section of Jams to pick from. We ordered Strawberry and Vanilla + Pear and Vanilla
I enjoyed Pear and Vanilla more than I thought I would. Home made and very sweet.

Now onto the drinks, my partner ordered Creme Brulee tea. I'm not too fussed on dessert flavoured teas. It's more or less of a tease. The tea itself will smell amazing and taste... well mediocre. 
We went a little bit wild with our drinks. This is their Lime and Lemon Ice Tea. Homemade, very refreshing, a tad bitter.

 Here we have Mixed Berry Ice Tea.  The drink tastes practically the same as the lemon ice tea. The added frozen berries did not make much of a difference.

 We remained hungry after the scones and teas... so we decided to give the Ribbon Sandwiches ($9) a go. At $9 I expected at least 8 small slices.  Unfortunately we received 4 at fuck off price (literally). Flavours as follows: Ham and tomato, Curried Eggs, Tuna, Cucumber and Cream cheese. 
To be honest, there were rather average sandwiches and I probably will not order this again. I will however, return for the Devonshire Tea.

Worth Returning?
You bet. We'll be back!


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