Thursday, June 16, 2016


We were recently lucky to have been invited to a Dry July Mocktail Masterclass. The event was set in Manta Restaurant by the wharf, a gorgeous location for some thirst quenching mocktails with none other than Fast Ed from Better Homes and Gardens.

Dry July is an initiative that we have seen time and time again, but we didn't know too much about it... Fast Ed did a fantastic job at explaining the aim and purpose of the program.

Dry July is aimed to support those who are diagnosed with cancer, when you are diagnosed with cancer it's difficult to maintain your usual activities as all effort and energy will be put into treatment. The money raised for Dry July is to provide items, whether it's equipment or material items of everyday living.. little things such as a piece of entertainment technology or a Yoga pass. These little things that we take for granted will provide support to those affected by cancer both physically and psychologically.

Lily is an Occupational Therapist, she looks at how people can rehabilitate and return to their activities of daily living following an injury so that their quality of living is optimised during trauma. This can be done via providing support, external assistance and/or equipment and modifications.

Dry July has a similar approach, so why give up alcohol then?

How often do you find yourself peer pressured into drinking in a social situation? We have a family member who suffers from stomach issues and he is no longer able to drink alcohol. Every time he goes to parties with friends they'd peer pressure him into drinking until he tells them how he ended up in ICU for a week. I personally found the only way to get out of drinking is by telling people you are the designated driver. Our society and lifestyle often encourage a drinking culture. Maybe it's because we are old now, but we feel that in order to have a good time, alcohol is not required. So give up alcohol this July for the sake of your own health and wellbeing, sip on a mocktail.

During the Mocktail Masterclass Ed taught us how to make a variety of delicious mocktails using sodastream, fresh produce and liquid gold aka honey. We were lucky to sample Ed's delicious mocktails!

After this event. Sam decided it to be a part of Dry July and raise money for those affected by cancer. Instead of beers, Sam will be drinking mocktails for his birthday.

If you wish to donate (and no amount is too little, every dollar counts!), please click on the link or pic that Sam made below to help him reach his $500 goal!

Click to support:

A massive thanks to the team at Dry July for having us!

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