Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review: Din Tai Fung @ Chatswood

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Out of impulse, we decided to head to Din Tai Fung for dinner on a rainy night. We got there at about 5-5:30PM, there was a micro queue but we managed to get a seat for two right away. We were warmly greeted as we walked in and the food arrived promptly upon our orders were put in.

 Mango Shrimp Rolls - 2 for approximately $7.50

This was surprisingly nice, it is essentially a slice of mango with minced shrimp and mayo, rolled in a deep fried batter.  The sweetness of the mango balanced out well with the savoury filling. Anything tastes good deep fried, I mean c'mon. 

Shrimp and Vegetarian Wonton Noodle Soup Approx $12-13

 This was quite refreshing, the shrimp dumplings were a little over gingered. I'm not a big fan of ginger, hence the complaint. Other than that, noodles were cooked till al dente. The soup was lightly flavoured, you can definitely add some chilli sauce and vinegar into this!

As for the Vegetarian dish, the wontons were very delicate, only eat the wontons using the spoon provided or their skins could easily tear. The way these wontons are so delicately wrapped is part of its charm. As these wontons are hand-made and are definitely NOT your tougher dough coated, frozen and reheated wontons. With tasty mushroom and spinach that really brought the soup to life with sensational herbal flavours.

Worth Returning?
I think so... I think we'd go back again, but not on a regular basis. I prefer the variety of Chef's Gallery as opposed to Din Tai Fung.


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