Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Reuben Hills @ Surry Hills

Reuben Hills has been up there on my list of restaurants/cafes to visit. Due to the popularity within Surry Hills, a friend and I decided to have lunch there as a part of our Christmas catch up.

Salted Caramel Milkshake - Approx $8.50

This is hands down the worst salted caramel shake I have ever had. It's approximately 90% milk and 10% salted caramel flavouring. I paid $8.50 for half a cup of milk.. oh, not to mention they were stingy on the shake by not filling to the brink. Honestly, I get better shakes at my local milk bar. Hell, I get better shakes out of a carton from Woolworth. This was down right disappointing, I had to put approximately 4 tablespoons of brown sugar in my shake in order for it to be drinkable.

The NOT Reuben - $18

This is one of their signature dishes - wagyu brisket, pickled slaw, sauerkraut, manchego and horseradish cream on rye. 
The first two bites were not too bad, the brisket and manchego shortly overpowered half way through the sandwhich, I had trouble stomaching the pungent flavours. I'm wondering whether this is due to the fact that I don't eat a lot of Latin American?
Dirty Bird - Approx $18
Spiced grilled chicken, manchego,  pickles, sauerkraut and chipotle sauce on brioche buns

Change rye for brioche, brisket for grilled chicken and you have dirty bird. I wasn't a big fan of this at all. I also didn't think it was worth $18 - given the chicken was quite tough.

Overall - I did not have a pleasant experience at Reuben Hills, their food did not live up to their hype or expectations. I felt like telling people to go else where rather than to line up for crap food. By crap food, I mean constantly gargling water in my mouth to get the food down and rid the taste. Two thumbs up for decent brioche and tap water.

Worth Returning?
I will not be returning to a restaurant that can't make a decent milkshake and fail at their signature dishes. At least this is now off my to do list.


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