Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Kammadhenu @ Newtown

I've been to Kammadhenu a few times now, initially called Kathmandu is one of my favourite fusion (Malaysian, Sri Lanka, Nepalese and Indian) restaurants in Newtown. The styles of the different cuisines compliments each other as they are fairly similar.

Plain Hoopers $4.50 for 2

My friend ordered these, I have absolutely no idea what they are, it doesn't taste like anything, even with the added coconut shreds on the side. I think I prefer my chats/samosas.
 Fish Korma

Deliciously fragrant, the fish was very tender. This is definitely worth a try.

 Butter Chicken

I order butter chicken every where I go, once I ordered Beef vindaloo out of curiosity, it burned my mouth. I try to be a little bit adventurous but ordering someone out of my comfort zone every now and then. I've been told that "authentic" butter chicken is actually quite spicy, so I'm assume that they've bastardized this as well, I can taste a lot of sugar and tomato. Bastardized or not, I do like the Westernised butter chicken.

 Paneer Masala

Mix Paneer and the bastardised sauce from the Butter Chicken and you'll have Paneer Masala. A great vegetarian alternative and quite yummy.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this meal, the coconut rice needs improvement.. it's a little salty...

Worth returning?
Yes, I will be returning from time to time, although this will not be my go-to Indian restaurant.


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