Monday, February 9, 2015

Short Black Panther @ Mortdale

Short Black Panther is a lovely little cafe that brings light to the ever so morbid streets of Mortdale. SBP brings a touch of Surry Hills to the St George district, fantastic for the locals. The milkshake got us hooked, instantly (especially after my dreadful experience at Reuben Hills).

However, since their re-vamp and price rise we haven't been entirely loyal with our visits.

Top Sambo V2 $15
Prosciutto, steamed greens (I assumed it was spinach), sundried tomatoes, capsicum relish and a poached egg on sour dough. Personally I prefer the original version of Sambo. This was rather difficult to eat with the prosciutto constantly getting stucked between my front teeth. The flavour was great, but missing a generous dolop of their home made aoli.

Bottom Asparagus and Potato Stack (Approx $14-$15)
The asparagus was quite tender, some nice flavours when combined with the sun dried tomatoes, otherwise it was a bit bland. Credit for plating.

Side Salted Caramel Milkshake $6
 Perfect portions of flavouring, ice cream and milk. This alone, brings me back to SPB every time. Easily one of the best salted caramel shakes I've had.

Peruvian Sandwich $13
Delicious vegetarian option, egg, pesto, pumpkin, capsicum and rocket. The only down  fall is the price, having to pay $7.5 for sandwiches in the CBD is brutal enough.

Cheeseburger $17

Two beef patties, cabbage, cheddar, rocket,and aoli on brioche buns with a side of spuds. This has improved dramatically, when I ordered the cheeseburger last year, there was a strange gasoline taste. They've changed the initial sweet potato crisps to spuds, I enjoyed both. A damn expensive, petite burger with a few potato spuds.

Worth Returning? 
Yes, but on occasion only, I can't afford to fork out $50 for breakfast every weekend. Don't get me wrong, the service is great and the food is yummy.


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