Monday, February 9, 2015

Aqua S @ Sydney CBD

Froyo is now a foodie's relic of a bygone era, the beginning of a new year also marked the birth of novelty ice cream. It's a sign of the time, when people are willing to pay up to $6 for a soft served cone with fairy floss. I see countless charity fairy floss stands around Westfields and they'd be lucky to get a customer who is willing to fork out $1 for fairy floss per hour. Whereas at Aqua S, people will wait 20 mins for their $6 worth of edible novelty.

From memory, this is how their pricing system worked

$3.80 for cone/cup + Ice cream
+$1.5 for one topping
Another $1.5 for two toppings
For all toppings, you'll be paying a whopping $8

Available toppings:

Fairy floss, caramelised popcorn, popping candy and toasted marshmallow

I purchased the salted chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ice cream and fairy floss as my topping. To be honest, I got the fairy floss for photography purposes only. However, it also acted as a pleasant little anti-melt barrier around my ice cream to prevent dripping. Couldn't really taste the salt in the chocolate, the flavour combination was "OK" no where near amazing. Very strong flavours, so strong, my stomach felt funny the next day. Fairy floss was quite nice, melts instantly with no sugary residue.

Half the crowd walked out with sea salt and salted chocolate ice cream with fairy floss (but we got popcorn). Initially wanted to have the marshmallow, lucky we didn't. Go ahead if you feel like getting ripped off paying $1.5 for half a toasted marshmallow. I prefer this flavour, alas, equally strong and gut churning.

Worth Returning?
Next time, I'll just get the ice cream without topping.... and share it with someone. Good thing they change flavours every fortnight. Honestly, $1.5 for half a marshmallow, give me a break.


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