Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hot Large Fried Chicken @ Sydney CBD

Other than vegan high tea, froyo and bubble tea. Deep fried Taiwanese chicken is all the rage. There'd be a small crowd huddling around their CBD store every time I walk past. Being health conscience is a growing trend, the amount of business this oily deep fried chain is bringing in is mind blowing.

The fries, mushrooms and chicken are all stored in individually packed plastic bags, and yes, they do fry everything to order, so don't be surprised when you find yourself waiting in the cue for a minute or 10.

 Chicken Breast $7.9

Here we have an over sized piece of chicken breast, approximately $5-6. How they manage to get pieces of chicken breasts this big baffles me. The umami seasoning is quite addictive, chilli powder is optional. Be warned, "medium spicy" will burn your tongue.

The chicken breast was tender, the batter was crunchy and it was quite delicious. More or less a heart attack on a plate. Nothing to complain about other than the fact that my chicken had little bits of bones and ribs along one side of the breast.

Sweet Potato Fries $3.90

 Deep Fried Mushrooms $4.9

Curly Fries $3.90

There's no need for me to review the above, anything deep fried will taste good - or roughly the same.  If I'm not paying for quality, value and craftsmanship, then I'm paying for quantity. There's no real value, quality or craftsmanship in this, and as you can see, quantity is a real issue with these lot. Sauce is available for fries only, but if you demand sauce from the customer service rep, you'll be able to get sauce on your chicken. 

Worth returning? 
Once in a blue moon. I personally don't like to eat a lot of deep fried food, so I probably won't be coming back for some time.


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