Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant @ Haymarket

After an early morning stroll around Paddy's market, we made our way up to The Eight for some much breakfast yum cha. It's been a while since I've been here, 6 years ago, this place was the "to go" restaurant for quality yum cha.

Before we get into the food, service was sub-standard. Quite a few people with food trolleys ignored us and rushed past.

Good old Egg Custard Tart is a solid staple. This was hot and fresh out of the oven, still warm and relatively crunchy when it arrived at our table.

Durian Pastry is not my pick, my partner ate all three and found it to be delicious. I just can't seem to adjust to the awkward taste.

Prawn Dumplings is another staple! I'm happy to taste full sized prawns in my dumplings rather than mesh.

Prawn Dumplings with Scallops, a new dish that was sold out in minutes. A nice combination of roe, scallops and prawns. Quite juicy and excellent with chilli sauce.

Combination Prawn Dumplings, yes I'm aware that we ordered a lot of prawn dumplings. My partner is a pescaterian, hence no meat dishes.  This was nice, but after several other prawn dumplings, it all start to taste the same.

I'm Cream and Mango  tpe of person, this was delicious, it could potentially turn into a nice little home-made dessert if you're savvy enough. Could've had another plate.

Worth returning?
Not bad, other than the fact that it was crazy over priced and that they didn't have my favourite dishes (deep fried dough and rice noodles with soya and peanut butter sauce). $50 for 6 entrees, Tea was $2.5 per head, so we ended up paying $5 for tea - didn't know until we got the bill.


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