Thursday, February 12, 2015

Miss Chu Tuckshop @ Sydney CBD

Miss Chu, self proclaimed "Queen of Rice Paper Rolls", unfortunately, their paper rolls didn't blow me away. And their infamous pork belly stew made me want to spew 3/4 of the way in. Lets have a look to see what else they have on offer.

The Organic Chai Latte $4 was overly sweet. Taste wise, I can't tell the difference between organic chai or inorganic chai. Chai is chai.

Frozen Young Coconut Crushie with Banana and Mint $7.5

I'm bias in the sense that I never liked "crushies" I hate drinking ice and I hated this,  all I could taste was banana and ice, save your hard earned dough.

Vegetarian Curry (Approx $15)

Tofu was nice, too much seaweed. Curry was weak... I'm not sure if this is authentic "Hanoi" style curry. I didn't enjoy this, the curry was not smooth, there were tiny solid particles. The vermicelli was unable to absorb any flavour... actually this dish just lacked flavour overall.

Fish of the Day

This wasn't the most pleasant dish, the fish was tough, and I could smell and taste the fishiness. Most of Miss Chu's mains are too "heavy", I never feel like I can finish it and if I do, I'd feel sick.

Worth Returning?
I don't know why I keep going back, perhaps it's the venue and decor.. the "street eats" vibe...hoping there'll be a decent dish some where, if I dig hard enough.

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