Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sushi Rio @ sydney CBD

Sushi Rio is one of my favourite Sushi Train restaurants in the CBD - $3 plates all day everyday. All orders are made on the spot, delicious fresh sashimi. Check the menu for more options and place an instant order. Take note that this place is often jam packed and crowded.

EVERYTHING was fresh and delicious, seafood was succulent - loved everything, minus the drinks.

Service was average, your orders will get taken and received at some point.


Tuna and Salmon
Fried Salmon Skin

Soft Shell Crab Taco
Unagi (Eel)

Strawberry Calpis - Approx $5-6 - TOO MUCH ICE!
Worth Returning?
Definitely! Fresh, delicious, value for money. Just need some extra work on the drinks.


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