Friday, February 27, 2015

Chanoma @ Sydney CBD

Matcha contains a significant amount of health benefits, from cancer fighting to anti aging. Personally, I enjoy the taste of Matcha, especially when it's refined and smooth.

This little joint is opposite to Aqua S. Lets see if it's worth while for you to pay a visit.

Fruit Parfait 

A combination of mochi, cornflakes, fruits, red bean syrup, matcha ice cream pocky stick and a crunchy ice cream cone. The matcha at Chanoma is exactly how I like it, smooth and refined! This is a well loved dish after a light hearty meal. It might be too much for one person after dinner, so you might want to bring a friend to share!

Left: Matcha Shiratama Float Right: Honey Yuzu Frappe
Bottom: Cream Shrimp Dog

Matcha Shiratama Float is a classic, a great match drink combined with 3 mochii and matcha ice cream, an all time favourite, it's refreshing and sweet. Yuzu Frappe had an interesting citrus taste, Yuzu is sour eastern asian fruit. It was interesting to see this fruit made into frappe. Shrimp Dog was rather average, it tasted more or less like  a long shrimp version of a fish finger in a bun with some dry salad and a rather egg-y tartare sauce. This dog was a disappointment, but I'm still keen to try their other hot dogs.

Limited service available as this is more or less a fast food... fast drink joint. The only time you'll interact with staff is during your order and when you go to pick up your food. Nonetheless, the joint is kept clean with staff constantly picking up finished cups and rubbish.

Worth returning?
Definitely, lovely staff, great food, excellent drinks and desserts. Value for money overall.


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