Saturday, February 28, 2015

Papparich @ Parramatta

Papparich is a Malaysian resturant with chains around Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.
They vow on offering authentic Malaysian food that's value for money.

There's an array of rotis, satay, chicken, rice and various noodle dishes. Order sheets are available on each desk, simply mark your order and provide the completed sheet to a staff.

Food came in lightning speed each time we were there.

To the left, we have Tropical Lime it was a little sweet and heavy for me, but what can I say..I love ice cream. to the left Ice Tea with Lemon this is an excellent refreshing drink on hotter days, sweet on the palette, but I definitely prefer this drink over milk tea during summer.


Roti with egg and onion + Curry Chicken
This dish is deceiving large, very tasty and extremely oily. Rotis were fluffy, curry chicken were tender and flavoursome.. and the sambal dipping sauce... on fire! I would highly recommend this dish to share. 

Picture below:

Haianese Chicken -  Chicken was tender but it all lies in the flavour of the sauce.. and the sauce lacked garlic. Rice was ok, not quite as fresh and fluffy as I like it to be. Overall, it wasn't a bad dish, but definitely not the best Haianese chicken I've had.

Drinks - Milk tea was like every other milk tea I've had, the lychee drink... I wasn't a big fan, it's overly sweet and was more or less a slushi


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