Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sedap @ Sydney CBD

Regent Place is slowly growing on us, you have Sedap across from Chanoma, it can't go wrong.

Deep Fried Buttered Curry Calamari  will have you holding your stomach as you walk out the door. Perfectly crisp and buttery... I guess you can't really go wrong with butter and a deep fryer. The curry flavour must've escaped from my mouth, more curry sauce required.

Roti with Curry Chicken was a HUGE let down. The roti was hard... it wasn't fluffy, I couldn't use it to pick up my chicken. It was literally like a biscuit. The chicken was well flavoured the tender. this dish was approximately $12... I expect a little bit more on my plate for this price.

Milo Dinosaur is an all time classic. I've been wondering how and why this drink tastes so good... it's the sugar. Now that I know how to make Milo Dinosaur, I don't think I'll re-order again, at least not from Sedap. This drink was 50% ice.

The service was ok, we got served and the correct food brought to us. Nothing really stood out.

Worth Returning?
Sadly I will not be returning. I've had many positive experiences at Sedap, unfortunately their quality and service had declined dramatically over time. My advice? Go to PappaRich instead. You'll get a bang out of your buck.


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