Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Event: Taste of Sydney 2015

Taste of Sydney is the most anticipated year event for every foodie. It kicked off this year again at Centennial Park.

We usually go on a Saturday night, however, we thought we'd change things around for once and went for lunch.

We enjoyed beautiful live music, dimmi's butterfly box, great food and sizzled in the sun.

Smoked Taramasalata from Biota Dining $10
with picked lettuce and charcoal cracker
This was rated the best dish of Taste this year. I wasn't too keen on the charcoal cracker at first, but the flavour of the aoli, roe and picked lettuce balanced out the flavour really well. IMO - it's the garlic in the aoli. Never fails.

Purple Potato Gnocci from Popolo $12
mixed mushrooms, chilli, pinenuts, salted dried ricotta
Voted among the top 3 dishes of Taste this year. Nice subtle flavours, although I have to say that gnocci is not my favourite thing to eat. I did like the combination of salted dried ricotta and mixed mushrooms. the chilli was almost non-existant. 

Smoked Salt Cod from Monopole $10
with peas, pistachio and mint
We initially thought it was mash potato and realised it was cod after seeing it on the menu. This was a complimentary dish given to us by the good people at Monopole after our order was delayed. A very hearty cold dish.

 Roasted Prawns $12
sea blight and buttermilk
This was an icon dish but I was thoroughly let down. Only 3 prawns and extremely oily salad. However, the prawns were nicely cooked.

 Cured Huon Salmon from Porteno $12
with smoked oyster creme fraiche on a hash brown
This was absolutely delicious, at first I thought... cured salmon.. so what? The combination of the onion, dill, oyster creme and the crunch of the hash brown... WOW. I was sold. Only down fall.... it's high way robbery to charge $12 for a bite size serving.

White Chocolate and Caramel Popsicle from 4fourteen $6
with dark chocolate crumbs
This was really yummy, the ice cream was smooth and velvety and the caramel/choco crumbs really topped things off. Again, wished it was a bit bigger.

 Seasonal speciality Eclairs by Yves Scherrer $6
carrot cake with cream cheese
I have never in my life had a carrot cake eclair. We love carrot cake and we love eclair, so this was a must have. I LOVE the actual carrot shavings in this dessert. This is something I feel like I can make at home. two thumbs up.
We got extremely thirsty and was about to turn into human skewers. Thank goodness Bundaberg was around the corner. Coke and rum.
We also gave this a shot - coco easy for $5. This is a brilliant idea, you open the coconut as if it's a coke can. The top part of the coconut can be easily removed and the flesh... well, it peels right off. Genius.

Below are some photos from Dimmi's First Date butterfly box. We were able to enter the box and "play" with butterflies, by play, I mean hold them on a stick with sweetened sponges. You can see the little guy eating in the third pic down.

To finish off the day, we always go to one of the skillery classes. We missed the class with Colin Fassnidge, but he had quite the crowd now that he's on MKR most nights of the week.
Overall... we had a nice time... however, there was one thing was was missing and VERY VERY disappointing.
Where was Dilmah!?

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