Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter at The Grounds of Alexandria @ Alexandria

Despite the wet weather, we trekked our way up to The Grounds of Alexandria to spend our Easter afternoon. We were convinced after seeing their Yellow Peach and Raspberry Trifle on Instagram, it really triggered our drive, the hour trip via foot and public transport was well worth the experience.

This was our second time at the grounds, our first encounter left an ever-lasting impression and since then, we've been yearning to return. Thank you Easter long weekend!

As usual, the crowd was buzzing with fresh punnets of berries and thirst quenching lemonade upon entrance.

Here we met Australia's biggest Easter egg, The Grounds were running a competition for everyone to guess the weight of this egg. My mathematics and calculations are off the chart but I gave it a go anyway. 

Further down, some delicious looking danishes and Easter themed cakes.

Don't be fooled, the egg is actually a passionfruit cheesecake, this is some Heston-like extravaganza!

Below, we have fried donuts with strawberries, amazing colour combination, I've never seen donuts look so lively.

Here we have the dessert that dragged us in. Yellow Peach and Raspberry Trifle. We did dilemma between the Cold Brew Tiramisu below and this, we settled for the "healthier option".
I was blown away and wanted to throw the whole thing down my throat after the first few spoons. Fresh peaches, fresh berries, smooth cream and sweet raspberry coolie, I started wondering why I didn't make this at home. As we dug deeper into the trifle we encountered jelly and bits of cake. As we got closer to the bottom of the jar, we ended up with spoon fulls of super sweet raspberry jam, it was too much. It was near impossible for us to have mixed the jam with the rest of the content until we hit the half way mark. Unfortunately the grand finale didn't end as expected, it was unpleasantly sweet. I would suggest for the jam to be spread across layers... after all.. that's how trifles should be.

We finished our dessert, walked around the markets, had a looked at the stalls, went to the toilet and was ready to order food. Unfortunately their alfresco dining area ceased orders at 3pm, the restaurant was overly crowded at this point and we had to have our lunch else where. Darn! Next time, we will be there bright and early.

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