Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015 @ Sydney Olympic Park

We've been attending the Easter Show religiously for the last few years. This may unfortunately be our last year, at $40 per ticket I feel that I'll have a lot of trouble trying to convince my rational self to attend again.

We did get a good show from the Hypnotist, it's the first time I've seen hypnosis carried out live and I'm convinced that one guy on stage was deeply hypnotised.


Half a dozen of oysters for $9.50 - Pacific oysters to the left and sydney oysters to the right. I never liked the look of oysters and tried to refrain from eating raw oysters - in fact, I've never had.
To my ardent surpise, the pacific oysters were quite extrodinary, sydney oysters on the other hand.. left a weird tangy taste.

 Here we have the worst calamari and chips I've ever had. I'm certain those are not real calamari, it tasted more or less like mush. chips were soggy and gross.

Fresh Lemonade, an all times classic, gotta love gobbling down all that sugar!
Below are some photos of the petting zoo.

Vegetarian pad see ew with lemon ginger ice tea

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