Monday, April 6, 2015

City Extra @ Circular Quay

City Extra was just about the only option on a public holiday. We've been here before a few times after wondering around in the city until the wee hours just after the sun had made it's first appearance of the day. We are glad that there are 24hr diner joints (check out the menu style below) like this in Sydney!

Hot Scones $5.80
Rather mediocre scones, it wasn't very fluffy. In fact, it was more doughy than anything. So I ate two doughs and they were quite filling. For all the poor uni students out there, two of these babies, and you'll be set for the rest of the afternoon. The strawberry jam reminded me of the home brand jams out of a jar, no real strawberry elements, and cream... cream was ok. There was a clear disproportion between the jam-scone ratio.

 Seafood Pie with Chips $30.5

This is probably the most expensive pie I have seen for quite some time. However, they didn't skimp out on the seafood, every spoonful contained a variety of sea creatures. Rocket and purple cabbage salad was refreshing and the battered chips were crunchy and better than most cafes.

Pavlova with strawberries, banana, passionfruit and cream Approx $13.5

This was absolutely shocking, this reminds me of the time I over-baked my pavlova and it turned into dry meringue biscuits. The absence of the chewy and soft center made this traditional dish epically dismal. 

Food was definitely over priced and average/below average, however, you are sitting next to the harbour and they are relatively cheaper than their neighbouring cafes who are selling fish and chips for $40 a pop. We sat in booth, there were scraps of food all over my seat, the table was sticky and there was some weird scab in my table water. This place needs a really good clean. 

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