Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cuckoo Callay @ Newtown

Cuckoo Callay has been on the top of my "to eat" list for some time. My friend and I met up for a catch up that was long over-due and Cuckoo Callay seemed like the perfect catch up spot for brunch.
Prior to our catch up, I looked through every picture and blog review on Urbanspoon, dribbling over all the delicious goodies. I had high hopes for Cuckoo Callay, it's been heavily reviewed and praised on Urbanspoon.

We arrived at 11am on a Saturday morning and there was a small crowd outside of the cafe waiting for a seat. We put our name down and got a spot for 2 within minutes.

The cafe was much smaller than anticipated with limited seating area inside the cafe. They did have a nice alfresco seating area, unfortunately we didn't get a spot out there.

We ordered two drinks, which came fairly quickly and two meals from their breakfast menu, which took 45 minutes to come. The waitress however did advise that there was a 30 minute waiting period as we ordered.

Salted Caramel Milkhake $7
I love my salted caramel shakes, if it's on the menu, it'll be ordered! I did toss and turn, trying to decide whether I should be a little bit more adventurous and opt for the Nutella shake and decided not to. Unfortunately, this Salted Caramel shake did not stand up against the amazing liquid goodness I've had at Short Black Panther or The Paramount Coffee Project, however it was a little bit better than the salted caramel shake from Reuben Hills. This is a personal preference, I like my milkshakes sweet and full of flavour. Unfortunately, this was flat and extra milky with a strange after taste, not to mention a quarter of my mason cup was froth. Super disappointing.
Tommy Two Guns with Mushroom $11
Baby Spinach, fried egg, mushroom, aoli on Brioche
My friend had this and she thought it was rather average, and an oddly sweet burger.... The fried egg was nicely cooked with a runny centre, but that was about all the feedback she had.

Cinderella's Breakfast $18
Pumpkin fritters, Heirloom tomatoes, House cured salmon, poached egg and house made basil pesto
This dish brought me to Cuckoo Callay. I love eggs, salmon, pesto and pumpkins. First few bites were lovely, the flavours were well balanced. Soon enough, the whole dish started to taste like baby food. A part from the heirloom tomatoes, everything else had the same soft and mushy texture, including the pumpkin fritters. This dish was much smaller than expected, I'm a slow eater and I was able to polish this off in 10 minutes since I didn't really have to chew much.

They had awesome music pumping. Service was great, I couldn't fault it. Hipster cred is definitely there. Unfrotunately Cuckoo Callay wasn't what I expected. Personally I thought their prices were inflated for relatively average food, IMHO... over-hyped. I will give the benefit of doubt and return to try their bacon dishes, hopefully that'll change my mind.

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