Saturday, May 9, 2015

New York Metro @ Sydney CBD

We randomly went past this cafe while trying to get out of Town Hall station last week and thought the waterfall alfresco waterfall looked pretty cool. So we ducked in.

I got a Hot Chcolate as it was a cold windy day, there was a nice dollop of cream in the hot chocolate and the foam was nice and creamy. When I got down to the actual hot chocolate... it was a different story... it was extremely watered down and didn't taste too nice overall.

My Partnered ordered a Caramel Milkshake, the first couple of sips were ok... I honestly think they put yogurt in this shake, it was slightly sour?! Again, I wouldn't order this again.

My partnered ordered from their lunch special. Salmon avo crepe with creamy sauce. I really disliked the salmon crepe, it possessed a off taste. the white sauce was flavourless. Chips were really average, they weren't crunch and lacked salt. Salad was nice, but you can't go wrong with garden salad.

I gave the Fish Burger a go, the fish was nice and tender on the inside and well battered on the outside. Buns were our average white buns you'd get from Cole - which was quite disappointing. Although I saw tartare suace lathered onto the top bun, I couldn't taste it. Chips.. well as I said they were less than average, it was stiff and wasn't crunchy

ServiceNot too bad, we were immmediately greeted our orders were taken promptly. We did however get the wrong drink delivered to our table, but that's ok we're all human and we make mistakes.

Worth Returning?
Unfortunately for me, I won't be returning. The food was just not up to scratch.

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