Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Star Pastry @ Newtown

I've seen the lines outside Black Star Pastry and heard its' tales.
We've had a taste at Spectrum now and it has left us yearning and itching for more. I am usually a sharing person, but after my first bite at Spectrum now, every bone in my body wanted to shove the cake down my throat so my partner couldn't get to it. Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits and I eat cake on a regular basis. This is just sheer genius. It's sophisticated, it's decadent, it's refreshing... it's every watermelon lover's dream. You need to try their watermelon cake AT LEAST once.

Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Water Scented Cream
Approx $7.5 for a single serve

 Amedei Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte
Approx $7.5 per serve
Amazingly rich chocolate and hazelnut torte, you know whatever is in this torte is top quality stuff. It was quite a small piece, but given the richness, it's a satisfying amount.
Worth Returning?
Yes.... although I need to get more cake saving together. It's not cheap at $7.5 a pop, butttt... the belly gets what the belly wants.

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