Friday, August 14, 2015

Winter with Pitango

Winter is my allocated time for soup. Nothing better than a warm hearty bowl of goodness to help me get through the chilly months. Work has been extremely busy, I haven't had time to get sick and attempted to suppress all bodily viruses/bugs in every way possible. As a result, I became extremely fatigued and came down with a serious case of swollen gums to the point I was unable to chew. I opened my fridge and Pitango to the rescue! I wish I had discovered Pitango when I had my wisdom teeth removed, the baby food diet wasn't for me (no joke! here's evidence).

I was amazed by the range of flavours (and colours). I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued that the soups were inspired by iconic global flavours. This is excellent, when I reminisce about my previous travel expeditions, I think about two things - iconic hot spots and the foot that went with it.

The little Sunbeam Golunch food warmer was an absolute gem. I work from home every now and then and I'd often skip meals because I'm too lazy, too focused or too busy. This little food warmer broke my bad habits as I was able to heat up my soupy goodness at my desk. This is also excellent for road trips ;)

Pitango Inidan Free Range Chicken Soup - $7.50
Chicken, yellow peas, coconut and a dash of colour

Indian is one of my most craved cruisines.. so this soup was an instant winner for me. There's something to love about the colour, seasoning, texture and flavours. This soup is yummy on it's own. Personally I felt it was a little bit under salted - however, it turned out to be a fairly positive thing as I was able to add salt according to my palette. I've previously had overly salty soups and just couldn't stomach it, less is more!

Malaysia Vegetable Laksa $7.50
Spiced Noodle Soup with vegetables, coconut, lemongrass and chilli
My partner as a pescatarian loved this vegetable laksa, it's fantastic seeing vegetarian options or something that non-meat eaters can indulge in. This is great on it's on or with some vermicelli.
 New York Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup - $7.50
Chicken, corn, noodles seasoned with thyme and black pepper
Chicken noodle soup is the queen of all soups. This soup reminded me of mum's cooking and the soup she'd make for me when I'm feeling a little bit flat. The flavour was amazing, I can't believe it's out of a packet. It's also pleasant when you can visibly see all the ingredients in the soup. Loved this one!

Spanish Chicken Paella Soup - $7.50
Chicken, Vegetables, rice and aromatic smoked paprika

This was mum's favourite, the flavours were perfectly balanced, the rice and chicken created/added a lovely texture to the soup. I eat Paella on a regular basis, but I've never had a Paella soup - such a genius idea!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by all 4 soups, flavours were top notch, I would highly recommend these for a lazy dinners by adding a few extra elements (i.e., sourdough or vermicelli) or a quick, yet fulfilling lunch (or snack) at home or at work.

Curious for more? Head over to Pitango

*These products were kindly provided for our consideration, all opinions are our own.

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