Saturday, August 8, 2015

One Tea Lounge and Grill @ Sydney CBD

Instagram marketing works, I got looped in after seeing all these amazing pictures from One Tea Lounge and Grill. It was a friday night, we had a stressful couple of weeks and decided to let loose. We didn't book a table (we tried and failed) and just rocked up, they sat us down at the bar and handed over the menu. The seats and tables in the restaurants were quickly filled with hungry peeps.

Started off with some green tea infused cocktails.

Splice up your life $18(Midori, green tea infused pineapple and whipped cream) to the left and So Pre-Tea $18 (Cucumber, elderflower, citron vodka, citrus and gyokuru green tea) to the right.
 Splice up your life was a sweet girly drink, perfect you wanted a sugar rush, while So Pre-Tea was calming, soothing and refreshing.

Matcha Fries $7

I was utterly disappointed when the chips came out looking like potato fries... for some stupid reason I thought the matcha chips were green.. don't ask. They were still quite yummy, I couldn't really taste the matcha, however seaweed flavour was present.


Designed Sliders (your choice of 3) $20
Left to right: Ramen slider with braised pork ribs
Rice burger with wagyu beef
Matcha baoger with Miso Tofu

The ramen and rice burgers were extremely oily, excellent for hang overs, a little overly oily if you're sober. The amount of oil really masked the flavour of the wagyu and pork. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my matcha baoger with miso tofu, it'll spice up your mouth.

Tofu White Chocolate Cheesecake $15
tofu white chocolate tube with crumbed polenta, lemon curd, assorted berry texture and edible flowers.

The was a winner, we went from sliders to gourmet. Plating was insane, just look at that beauty! Cheesecake texture was soft and creamy, it wasn't overly sweet but it was fulfilling. Polenta was quite crunchy, i would've preferred regular biscuit crumb only becuase I had a swollen gum. Loved the berry textures and lemon curd - it was extra zangy!

Worth Returning?
It's a place you need to go at least once, the service was excellent, we were well looked after. Overall, we had a really great night, with delicious food and excellent music (if you appreciate the 80s and 90s, you'll love their tunes). One thing to note is that the resturant gets quite busy so make sure you book ahead!

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  1. We've heard and seen so much about this place! The Ramen slider looks like an interesting one

    M x K