Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tre Viet @ Newtown

Anything warm and soupy is ideal for a cold winter night, after tossing up between mexican and vietnamese, we decided to head into The Viet.. esepcially since we consumed a large stick of rocky road and two packets of chips during Avenue Q.

The store was relatively busy, there are so many restaurants in Newtown, competition is fierce. We saw a middle aged woman hard selling their food outside her takeaway store and another lot restaurant owners sat in their empty restaurant giving us puppy eyes as we walked past.

Beef Rice Noodle Soup (Pho) - $12.50

This was satisfying, lots of beef (real beef - some of the Pho I've had around south Sydney have been using mock beef... who knows what it actually is) with a super tasty broth. Beef was tender and thinly sliced, I was happy with my meal overall. A good decision and a good break from junk food, it was light on my stomach. I was fairly full after this bowl of deliciousness.

Seafood Egg Noodle (Dry) - $12.50

When I ordered the noodles as dry I expected it to not contain the soup - However I did NOT expect for the seafood to also be so dry. My hunger drove me to keep eating this, however I found the chunks of fish so dry it was practically inedible. I had to leave them in my bone bowl, despite the fact I was craving more seafood in this meal. The egg noodles were not too bad, they were fairly standard. I would not recommend the dry noodle dishes because of the dry seafood, but feel the soup would have greatly enhanced this dish.

Worth Returning?
It's a 50/50 vote. Potentially, just for their signature dishes like Pho, crispy chicken and fresh spring rolls. However, there are sooooo many restaurants to try out in Newtown.

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