Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunny Harbour Restaurant @ Hurstville

On sunny Monday (Queen's Birthday) after a long weekend of drinking and pseudo hang overs (I didn't drink but I still felt hung over), we decided to treat our bodies to some yum cha.

Mind you, there was a $3 public holiday surcharge per head. I personally feel it's a bit ridiculous, Public holidays are no different to any other day, it's like how I feel about restaurants/cafes/shops charge a fee for people using their SAVINGS account.

Any who, let's have a look at the food.

Egg tart is egg tart, however, the pastry crust was a little short and literally crumbled in the paper shell. I couldn't even pick it up. It was yummy though.

What do you even call these? Fried pastry prawns with sesame?? It went well with sour sauce.

Prawn and chives,you must be thinking there's a lot of prawn - my partner is not a meat eater so... prawn prawn prawn.

Prawn in rice noodles, soaked in soy sauce. This wasn't bad, but I prefer rice noodles wrapped around crispy deep fried dough (you tiao)

Prawn puffs, I really liked this, you really can't go wrong with deep fried glutinous pastry.

Prawn and scallops, the caviar wasn't too impressive, but everything else was fine. I'm sure they use the same packet of frozen prawn for all prawn dishes. Taste was uniform across all prawn dishes.

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