Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Tall Lemongrass @ Crows Nest

Thai is one of our all time favourite cuisines. Sydney is in love with Thai dishes and as a result there is a ton of competition, so when we entered the The Tall Lemongrass we weren't expecting to be blown away, we were thinking maybe it could be one of the better Thai restaurants. What it was, is sensational.

With friendly greetings we were seated at a table for two, a pot of refreshing Lemongrass and Ginger Tea (I have the same blend at home and it's one of my favourites!), and a bowl of the tastiest prawn crackers I have ever had arrived at our table. I have grown accustom to the hollow flavours of the usual bag of pink prawn crackers at most Asian restaurants, this little bowl of crunchy crackers was a hit to my palette with added spiciness.

 Meing Khumm
Sweet radish, ground peanuts, prawns, galangal, lime, ginger, red onion wrapped in an egg net and betel leaf

Refreshing and beautiful, this entree had an eye-catching visual aesthetic with freshly chopped ingredients, lightly cooked prawns and a delicate balance of flavours that make this a must have entree. The pictures speak for themselves - Deliciously gorgeous.

 Thai Spring Rolls
Carrot, chinese mushrooms and mung bean vermicelli

 I have a general rule where I don't tend to eat spring rolls outside of home, mainly because I haven't found any that is on par with mum's. However, I would return for these spring rolls, crunchy outer and flavoursome inner, I was hooked after a bite and wanted more. I've had countless spring rolls where the fillings were just not up to scratch, especially vegetarian spring rolls. This one on the other hand, it wasn't good ...  it was GREAT! I was utterly amazed by the combination of flavours, soft textures and the use of mung bean vermicelli. Best vegetarian spring roll I've had to date.

 Squid Ink Fried Rice
Egg and Seafood

 Our jaws dropped when this beauty arrived at our table, we've seen squid ink in bread and pasta, this is the first time we've tried squid ink fried rice! The savoury seafood, egg, rice and the sweetness of sultanas created a perfect balance. It's a meal on it's own! It's time to skip your regular fried rice and opt for this beautiful creation.

Creamy Prawns with Lime Juice
Creamy, mild chilli paste, prawns and chopped lime

There is something that can leave my palette in awe with flavour when chilli and cream comes together, it's like a clash of the elements. It would seem I was going to be easily pleased with the flavours of this dish, the lime juice was not overbearing and added a bit of tang to the party. But I just want to take a moment to say 'Wow!' with how these prawns were cooked. Not over cooked or under cooked - absolute perfection!! Such a rarity to find from even some of the most prestigious of dining experiences.

 Crispy Pork Belly with Caramel Dressing

If I see pork belly, I have to order it - it's become a habitual routine now. I've been on the hunt for pork belly with crispy crackling for some time and this dish pretty much ticked all the boxes. A generous piece of caramalised crispy skin pork belly cut into four delicate pieces, a perfect dish to share. The crispy skin did not disappoint followed by a lusty bite of succulent and tender pork, the edges were a little dry but the centre made up for it.

Banana with Coconut Cream

We could barely fit anymore but the quality of the dishes kept me going.
Don't let this picture deceive you, the dish was very warm. The bananas were sliced, sprinkled in sesame seeds and then bathed in a creamy coconut milk. It's a great winter dessert and a fabulous way to end a meal, this dessert will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Thank you Wendy for spoiling our stomachs with your jaw dropping menu!

Worth Returning?
Definitely, our 1.5 hour trek to Crows Nest with Cityrail Trackwork was worth it, this is probably one of the best Thai restaurants we've been to so far. If you are an entrĂ©e skipper, we'd highly recommend for you to indulge in the entrees (or at least one!) at The Tall Lemongrass, your stomachs will thank us.

The Weekend Foodie dined as a guest of The Tall Lemongrass and Missy Mischief
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